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Special Editions

  1. Series McRae

In June '95, to celebrate their winning of both the manufacturers and drivers World Rally Championship titles, Subaru in the UK released a limited edition run of two hundred cars prepared by Prodrive going by the name of the Series McRae. The main improvements over the standard model are:

These were priced at 22,999

  2. Catalunya

In '96, Subaru again won the manufacturers title in the FIA World Rally Championship, finally winning the title with the points gained on the Catalunya rally of Spain. To celebrate this, another limited edition run of 200 cars was produced, this time going by the name of the Catalunya. The main features of these are:

however because the demand for these was so big, the car sellers were modifying them.

The price was 21,610.

   3. Terzo

'97 saw Subaru win the WRC manufacturers title for a third time in a row. Even before the official announcement to the UK Subaru dealers, rumors were circulating over the inevitable release of a third special edition, with the possible specification suggested being very close to the final car.  Terzo is Italian for third. This is to celebrate the third WRC championship victory in a row, and hence the third special edition. Specification for the Terzo is as follows:

Available from April 1998 onwards, at a price of 22,995, a total of 333 "Terzo" special editions have been produced (numbered 1 to 334).